About Urban Health Watch Radio

UrbanHealthWatch.net Partners with Southern RI AHEC and WRIU 90.3 FM to Launch Urban Health Watch Radio

RHODE ISLAND – From having access to health services, to the availability of nutritious foods, achieving health equity is one of today’s most critical issues and needs. Leading the charge to shape discussion on health equity is Providence, Rhode Island-based blog Urban Health Watch (www.UrbanHealthWatch.net), and Southern RI Area Health Education Center (AHEC), both of which have united to launch Urban Health Watch Radio, a public awareness campaign and radio program on 90.3 FM, WRIU – a broadcast service of the University of Rhode Island and a station that can be heard throughout Southern Rhode Island as well as other areas of the state; parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Long Island, NY; and worldwide or from anywhere via an Internet webcast.

UrbanHealthWatch.net is managed by the Urban League of RI, an affiliate of the National Urban League, and funded by a Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant offered by the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Much of the blog’s work is focused on resources and events in Providence and in the immediately surrounding cities. However, Urban Health Watch Radio is made possible by a grant from Southern Rhode Island Area Health Education Center (AHEC), an organization striving to, among other goals, increase the interaction of health professionals with communities in southern Rhode Island.

Urban Health Watch Radio is designed to accomplish the following: 1) Ensure that community organizations and residents in the Southern RI region have access to the information and resources being shared through UrbanHealthWatch.net; 2) Join with Southern RI AHEC in their mission to improve overall health in the Southern RI catchment area; and 3) Advance the Urban Health Watch strategy of disseminating public health and medical information through the media and collaborations with traditional centers of influence.

The show will consist of three 30-minute information programs, which will be aired and replayed on WRIU, as well as made available twenty-four hours a day as online podcasts on UrbanHealthWatch.net. Each of the three programs will focus on specific health equity and public health issues: access to care, access to health careers, and access to nutritious foods and other resources that combat obesity. The goal is to provide actionable steps that people can use everyday by extending health education into the community and delivering culturally appropriate messages about public health.

Urban Health Watch Radio is being produced and hosted by Reza Corinne Clifton, an award-winning multimedia journalist and radio producer and the co-founder and editor of UrbanHealthWatch.net. The show’s Engineer is Dr. Ian Reyes of the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of RI, and additional members of the production and research team include Michelle Wilson of the Urban League of RI and co-founder of UrbanHealthWatch.net, intern Victor Omoayo and additional student-dj’s from URI and WRIU. The show is also supported by dozens of other community agencies and health groups that are participating and sharing resources.

For more information about show times, dates, and guests on Urban Health Watch Radio, visit http://www.UrbanHealthWatch.net or contact Urban Health Watch Editor and Radio Producer, Reza Corinne Clifton, at urbanhealthri@gmail.com or by phone at 401-497-5246.






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