Looking at Native American Health on the Anniversary of Columbus

by Reza Corinne Clifton
Editor, UrbanHealthWatch.net

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Looking at Native American Health on the Anniversary of Columbus

PROVIDENCE, RI – On Monday, October 11, many around the country were commemorating the explorations and accomplishments of Christopher Columbus, for it was the annual federal holiday honoring his adventures of 1492. Yet not everyone sees reason to celebrate this “discoverer” of the New World. Here on Urban Health Watch, and in partnership with IsisStorm.com, we decided to take a look at another angle of the Columbus legacy: Issues and Disparities in Native American Health. One of the experts we turned to was Donald Warne, M.D., who, according to the health documentary, Unnatural Causes, comes from “a long line of Oglala Lakota traditional healers,” and was “trained in medicine at Stanford and public health at Harvard and has studied diabetes education and minority health policy.” We also turned to the topic of sexual violence against Native American women, a topic that’s been covered in great detail by the activist and educator, Julianne Jennings, and by the nonprofit/NGO, Amnesty International (and Amnesty USA).

Check out these great links to learn more about the enduring health challenges facing Native Americans / American Indians.

Federal Indian Policies and Health
Featuring Dr. Donald Warne
From the UNNATURAL CAUSES series: Episode 4 – Bad Sugar

Historically, federal Indian policies have been destructive to Native American communities – ranging from removal to assimilation and termination. These policies have had a negative impact on health and health-related behaviors. More recent trends towards self-determination and tribal control provide reason to hope.

Info, extended: http://www.unnaturalcauses.org/video_clips_detail.php?res_id=73
Info, short: www.unnaturalcauses.org


Culture of Diabetes – Native Americans and Futurelessness
Featuring Dr. Donald Warne
From the UNNATURAL CAUSES series: Episode 4 – Bad Sugar

In some Native American communities, diabetes is so common that people grow up feeling that it is in some ways, inevitable. “I don’t have diabetes yet,” is what Dr. Warne often hears from his patients. Yet hope for the future is an important factor in preventing and controlling diabetes – something health care practitioners need to take into account when treating patients.

Info, extended: http://www.unnaturalcauses.org/video_clips_detail.php?res_id=76
Info, short: www.unnaturalcauses.org


No justice for alaskan and native american women
AmnestyUSA | May 19, 2008

One in three Native American or Alaska Native women will be raped at some point in their lives. Most do not seek justice because they know they will be met with inaction or indifference. Besides providing data and information on trends, it features Deputy Secretary General of Amnesty International, Kate Gilmore.

Youtube Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5CtIPbbeTw
Info: http://amnestyusa.org/maze



More about Women and Native Americans From Julianne Jennings:

From Amy Stretten/NativeJournalist.com

From KittyFarmer.com and More from Dr. Donald Warne



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