Lessons in Addressing Health Disparities: A Telephone Health and Help Line for RI’s Southeast Asian Community

Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island Designates a Phone Number for members of the Southeast Asian Community who need health information: 401-459-6171

RHODE ISLAND – Neighborhood Health Plan of RI (NHPRI) now has a designated phone line for people who speak Khmer, Vietnamese, Lao, and Hmong – who need health information. A person requiring this service should call 401-459-6171.

Says NHPRI Marketing Representative, Isabel Carolina Pestana, “we are very excited about this path we are taking to support Southeast Asians in Rhode Island.” Pestana says that brochures are being updated to reflect the new resource, and indicates she is committed to strategically distributing them to those in the community who need it.

For more information about NHPRI, visit http://www.nhpri.org. For more information about health issues effecting the Southeast Asian community, click here to read healthy Southeast Asian communities: a strategy for refugee health and here to read Barriers To Healthcare Access In the Southeast Asian Community of Rhode Island.

(Thanks to Ammala Douangsavanh of the Women’s Cancer Screening Program at Women & Infants’ Hospital for helping spread the word.)

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