Urban Health Watch Makes the News: Saturday April 10 at 6:00 PM and Sunday at 10:00 AM

Saturday, April 10, 6:00 PM, ABC6 (TV):
Tune in to the 6:00 PM television news on ABC6 in Rhode Island to see a news report about the Live Empowered! Diabetes Awareness Day, which producers of Urban Health Watch (and the Urban League of RI) attended and supported through a movie screening, blogging about it online, and through use of the Urban League’s space. Reporter, John Guice, was on the scene to capture the energy and info being shared in the room.

Sunday, April 11, 10:00 AM, WBRU (FM Radio):
Tune in this Sunday at 10am on 95.5 WBRU to hear an interview with the co-founders of Urban Health Watch alongside Elizabeth Burke-Bryant from RI Kids Count. We’ll take on health reform, health equity, and policies and strategies that support healthy families. Hear it on the radio on 95.5 FM or visit http://www.wbru.com to hear the broadcast; it will be part of the Pulse, which is a weekly news program airing Sundays at 10:00 AM on WBRU’s 360, “Black Experience in Sound.”


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