Request for Proposals: Health Projects in South County, RI

KINGSTON, RI – The Southern Rhode Island AHEC (Area Health Education Center) requests proposals for projects located near or in Newport, Westerly, Narragansett, or South County. Proposals must address one of the following areas:

1) Encouraging interest and engagement of southern Rhode Island students interested in entering health careers
2) Increasing the interaction of health professionals with the southern Rhode island communities (as listed above)
3) Improving the health care of the southern Rhode Island catchment area

Proposals of no more than 3-5 pages should include the following details about the project:

1) Background
2) Purpose of the Request
3) How it will address the health care education needs of the southern RI AHEC
4) Program plan
5) Evaluation of the program outcomes
6) Timeline for the Project
7) Detailed budget request – please list all items, the cost, and proposed use of each item

The budget cannot exceed $30,000, while all of the work for the project must be completed – and the funds expended – by August 31, 2010. There will be no exception to this rule.

Proposals are due by May 1, 2010, and they can be sent electronically to: Delores M. Walters, PhD, RN, For more information, call (401) 874-2768


The mission of AHEC Rhode Island is to foster academic-community collaborations to improve the supply and distribution of a high quality, culturally sensitive, interdisciplinary workforce that provides all people with the health care they deserve. is a project managed by the Urban League of Rhode Island and edited by Reza Corinne Clifton, an award-winning journalist and multimedia producer. It is funded by the Rhode Island Prevention Block Grant, a program of the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Find us on Facebook. Join the discussions. Create the solutions.


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