How Can We Help You with Health Reform: An Urban Health Watch Survey

PROVIDENCE, RI – Last night and since Friday, in many corners of the country, individuals, groups, and power-breakers were sitting around televisions, newspapers, computers, and cameras waiting to hear about what eventually was a successful vote in the House of Representatives – to reform the country’s system and delivery of health care. True to the complexities of the U.S. government, however, steps remain in place before full enactment, and the debate will continue loudly with what will likely be the same political sport played comparably to an athletic one.

In other corners of the nation, however, it is the very existence of such exaggerated and personality-laden sparring and a nonstop adjusting of procedures and provisions that have caused, at it’s most innocent, a tuning out of last night and the debate in general – similar to the tuning out of a crying child who must learn to form his/her words – and, at it’s worst, a disinterest, distrust, and general apathy towards a system and process that can serve as a place where solutions are nestled. But with everyone being effected by health issues one day or another – and by the proposed reforms – here at Urban Health Watch, we wonder if you are ready for changes that WILL touch your life?

More importantly, we’re wondering, “How Can We Help You with Health Reform?” Please let us know by taking our short, online survey by clicking here or on the picture above.

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