Photos and Faces from Health Action 2010

Originally posted: January 29, 2010
Updated: February 4, 2010

Pictured here, to the right, is Chinwe Onyekere of Project HEALTH NY, who accepted one-on-one questions after presenting health equity strategies on Thursday, January 28 at the annual Families USA Health Action conference. One idea developed and implemented by her organization was giving social determinant “prescription-pads” to doctors in health centers.

WASHINGTON, DC – Investments in Community Health Centers, lowering costs, increasing quality, funding prevention, sending the right messages, telling your story… These are just some of the many topics and recommendations that speakers have addressed in the two days of Health Action 2010, the Families USA conference happening right now in Washington, D.C. Below are photos of some of the experts, advocates and community members who are informing and inspiring conference attendees, and leaving us with tools for the health reform debate and the movement for health equity.

Rea Panares of Families USA (left) introduces the “Closing the Gap: Health Reform and Communities of Color” panel, as well as (seated in the center) Cara James of the Kaiser Family Foundation and (seated to the right) Mara Youdelman of National Health Law Program.

Carol Bryant Payne of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (in the center) addresses a group of individuals who attended the “Beyond Health Care: Health Equity Strategies” workshop she co-presented on.

Panares, James, and Youdelman all listen and await questions being posed from audience members during the question and answer phase of their “Closing the Gap: Health Reform and Communities of Color” panel.

To the left: Panares, who is Director of Minority Health Initiatives at Families USA, stands at a podium in one of the workshop rooms provided by The Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. To the right: Payne of Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) remains post-presentation in a different workshop room. There were 5 sets of workshop offerings in total, 7 plenary sessions, and special presentations and award ceremonies throughout the conference.

Chinwe Onyekere of Project HEALTH NY (to the left) joined Payne (to the right) of HUD for a workshop called “Beyond Health Care: Health Equity Strategies.” Payne inspired attendees with information about projects that brought housing members together around cardiovascular health while Onyekere wowed audiences with anecdotes and data for an initiative that brings together college students, physicians and community members to address non-medical needs affecting patient health outcomes, ie. social determinants of health.


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