Urban Health Watch: Created, Noticed and Supported in 09

PROVIDENCE, RI – It may be a new operation, but Urban Health Watch is getting noticed. It started almost immediately after we set up shop online, when we reached out to the Providence American Newspaper; we wanted to make sure we were accessible even to those without computers.

Well it worked, and our print articles have been seen.

We continued by throwing support behind the New England Regional Minority Health Conference, and by covering important community-based health initiatives run by organizations like the Rhode Island Cancer Council, Farm Fresh RI, CHISPA, Lifespan, Shape Up RI, Destiny House, and many many others.

Well it worked, and comments on the site prove it.

Now, as we move into 2010, we celebrate a new feat: Attention at the national level. One place we landed was on another health blog – the site run by Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Reducing Health Disparities. It is there where a link appeared offering visitors an opportunity to read our article on the New England Regional Minority Health Conference. Click here to check out their blog.

But that’s not all.

Click here to see the December 2009 edition of Minority Health Connection, an e-newsletter produced by Families USA, “a national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans.” Urban Health Watch was featured alongside the Agency for Health Research and Quality, Kaiser Family Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and other groups noted in their monthly publication, which, according to Sherice M. Perry, an associate at Families USA, “is distributed to over 4,000 advocates across the country each month.”

Get your work on health heard and seen locally and nationally and help us to support you. Leave a comment on any of the Urban Health Watch posts that matter to you or contact us by email: urbanhealthri@gmail.com. And have a happy, healthy new year.


Urban Health Watch (www.UrbanHealthWatch.net) is part of the RI Prevention Block Grant, a program funded by the RI Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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