Getting to Know Urban Health Watch, Getting to Know You

The blog Urban Health Watch ( is part of the Rhode Island Prevention Block Grant, a program funded by Rhode Island Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Urban Heath Watch is part of a strategy to address several objectives:

– To bring health education into the community and deliver culturally appropriate messages on how to prevent and manage chronic diseases.

– To analyze, package, and disseminate public health and medical information through collaborations with traditional centers of influence that are considered trusted environments and provide accessibility to target populations.

– To build the capacity of neighborhood organizations, churches and leaders to initiate health promotion and disease prevention activities.

– To translate medical research and findings about health promotion and disease prevention into actionable steps people can use everyday in life.

– To disseminate medical research findings and best practices through the media and other sources to raise the visibility and credibility of an expanded view of health.

Besides online, you can read our print articles every month in the Providence American newspaper, or you can check out the links to all our partner organizations. It’s time: join the discussions and create the solutions at


Now tell us about you!

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